A.R. Classic Board Games


  • Client Spaceboy
  • Project A.R. Classic Board Games
  • Producer Spaceboy
  • Year 2023

Play against different levels of AI in games of Chess, Checkers and Backgammon in the AR Classic Board Games Collection! Experience these classic games as if they were in front of you.


Project direction

Alejandro Reyes

game design

Luis León Flores


Jorge Veloz

Antonio Schwuchow 

Alonzo Lona

Luis Alejandro de la Peña

Iván Carballar

Guillermo Escuadra

Andrés Apellaniz

3d modeling

Alonzo Lona

Alejandro Reyes

concept art

Naomi Iwadare

ui design

Naomi Iwadare

Luis León Flores

audio design

Julio Gaxiola


Manuel Bustos

Paulina Patiño

Cristina Sánchez

Daniel Laget

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