Dream Team

SpaceBoy is a creative studio formed by multidisciplinary artists focused on creating mesmerizing audiovisual content; hand in hand with the development of stories, processes and personalized techniques.

Always building from inside.
Build From Inside

  • Alan Sánchez

    Alan Sánchez

    Motion Graphics Director

  • Alejandro Reyes

    Alejandro Reyes

    Innovation Director

  • Alexis Ramírez

    Alexis Ramírez

    Matchmove and Rotoscope

  • Bebeto


    MoCap Technology Director

  • Bvsh


    CEO / Founder

  • César Legaria

    César Legaria

    Video Games Concept Art

  • Daniel Monterrosas

    Daniel Monterrosas

    VFX Director

  • Gastón Álvarez

    Gastón Álvarez

    VFX Supervisor

  • Isabel Reyes

    Isabel Reyes

    Ilustration and 2D Director

  • Israel Ayhllón

    Israel Ayhllón

    3D Director

  • Jens Kull

    Jens Kull

  • Juan Flores

    Juan Flores

    Financial Director / Founder

  • Kittie San

    Kittie San

    Marketing Director/ Founder

  • Manuel Bustos

    Manuel Bustos

    Commercial Director / Founder

  • Naomi Iwadare

    Naomi Iwadare

    Ilustration and 2D Senior

  • Paulina Patiño

    Paulina Patiño

    Production Director

  • Jaime Laget

    Jaime Laget

    Generalist Trainee

  • Antonio Schwuchow

    Antonio Schwuchow

    Junior Developer

  • Jorge Veloz

    Jorge Veloz

    Junior Developer

  • Alonzo Lona

    Alonzo Lona

    Junior Developer

  • Arturo López

    Arturo López

    Junior Developer

  • Luis Alejandro

    Luis Alejandro

    Junior Developer