Io Inner Self The Lava Planet


  • Client Spaceboy
  • Project Io Inner Self The Lava Planet
  • Producer Spaceboy
  • Year 2022

Help iO defend the dangerous Lava Planet in this first-person VR shooter as hordes of enemies are unleashed in increasingly difficult waves! Use your gun and shield to get to the end and then beat your high score!



Alejandro Reyes 

Israel Ayhllon

lead programmer

Antonio Schwuchow Machorro


Ana Cristina Sánchez “Kittie San” - IO

Paulina Patiño - Mamá

Israel Ayhllon - Octoboss


Arturo López Fernández

Luis Alejandro de la Peña

Aldo Axel Cruz Domínguez

game design

Luis León

concept and 2d art

Isabel Reyes

Naomi Iwadare

3d art

Alejandro Reyes

René Sánchez

Israel Ayhllon

Dante Bennetts

Jaime Laget

Fernando Alderete

Areli Morales

Manuel Corzo

Jorge Veloz

music/audio design

Julio Gaxiola

executive production

Paulina Patiño

Manuel Bustos

Cristina Sánchez

Daniel Laget

Next Project

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